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Our Seville Oranges

Our marmalades are made using fresh, whole oranges sourced only from Seville, Spain; home of the world’s best bitter oranges. We use both bitter oranges (the traditional marmalade orange) and sweet oranges in our marmalades, to create a wide range of products, to suit all tastes.

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Did you know?

  • Bitter Seville oranges, with their thick dimpled skin are ideal for marmalade making. Their high levels of pectin help the marmalade to set properly.
  • Seville oranges have been growing since the 12th century and for the 500 years which followed; they were the only type of orange available in Europe.
  • The Seville orange season lasts from mid January to February: any amateur marmalade makers wanting to try their hand in the kitchen only have these precious few weeks to buy their oranges.