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Our Copper Pans

Our Copper Pans

Remaining true to our heritage and beliefs we still use the copper pan method we always have.

The small authentic batches these produce are of the highest quality and set us apart.

Quality Production

The copper pans are steam heated and use a rolling boil method. We only use the finest ingredients and when it comes to making our jam, we slowly boil the fruit and sugar, in the copper pan, allowing the flavours to be released before gradually setting.

We use copper because its the best metal for conducting heat and steam because it gives the most even temperature. The copper pans are made locally in Dundee because we believe in supporting local craftmanship.

A great deal of care, attention and experience is used to judge exactly when the product is ready.

There are no computers or robots in our factory: only experienced artisan jam makers who know how to create a product with the special home-made taste you expect from Mackays.