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Mackays FAQs

Mackays FAQs

Here at Mackays, we are happy to answer any questions about our products. Click on the questions below and the answers will be revealed.

General FAQs

Product FAQs

Where can we buy your products?

We’ve recently added a stockist search to our website. Simply put in your postcode and a list of local stockists will pop up.If you are an overseas customer, visit our international page for a list of countries where Mackays is available and where you can find international export contact details.

Are your products available outside of the UK?

Yes, we export to over 50 countries worldwide. Please visit our international page if you’d like to find out more.

Do you support charity or community initiatives?

Yes, we try to support local causes first and foremost, but will consider other charities, if we can help. If you have a charity or community enquiry, please contact us and we’ll try our best to assist you.

Can anyone come and visit your Factory Shop?

Our visitor shop is open to everyone. You can find it at:
James Chalmers Road
Arbroath, Angus, DD11 3LR.

Opening hours are:
Monday – Thursday: 9am – 4.30pm
Friday: 9am – 3pm
Closed: Saturday and Sunday

Are your products suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, all our marmalades, preserves and curds are suitable for vegetarians.

Are your products suitable for vegans?

Most of our products are suitable for vegans; however, Lemon Curd and Lime Curd are not.

Are your products suitable for a gluten free diet?

Yes, our range of marmalades, preserves and curds are all suitable for a gluten free diet.

Are these products suitable for kosher diets?

The majority of our products are kosher certified. However, the following are not:
Orange Marmalade with Whisky
Orange Marmalade with Champagne
Strawberry Preserve with Champagne
Lemon Curd
Lime Curd.

How should your products be stored?

Our products can be stored in the cupboard, away from direct sunlight. Once opened, store in a cool dry place and consume within 6 weeks.

Do you supply to individuals?

Yes, if you visit our online shop you can place an order to be delivered directly to your door.

How do I become a trade customer?

Please email us at with a note of your name, telephone number and your store’s details, with the email subject as “TRADE ENQUIRY”. We’ll then send our trade information over to you.

Can you do tasting events?

We take part in a number of events through the year, and can also provide products for you to host your own tasting events. Please contact us if you would like more information.

How are your products made?

Our marmalades, preserves and curds are all made the authentic way in open copper pans. This is the traditional way to make preserves.

Do you source your soft fruit in Scotland?

Yes, we source all our strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants for our preserves from berry fields of central Scotland.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Our marmalades and preserves have a shelf life of four years from date of manufacture. Our curds have a three-year shelf life from date of manufacture.

Are your products made with whole fruit?

Yes, we use whole fruit, not fruit puree, in our preserves.

Online Shop FAQs

Is there a minimum order value on the website?

The minimum order is one jar; however, in order to get the best value shipping, we’d recommend you order more than this.

What are your shipping charges?

For orders below £20.00 there is a £5.95 shipping charge. Orders from £20.01 - £35.00 are subject to a £3.95 shipping charge. Delivery is free on orders above £35.01.

My order has been damaged, what should I do?

Please either telephone us or email us with a note of your order number and an explanation/evidence of the damages. From there we will arrange to send replacements to you.

Can I order over the phone, or by post?

Unfortunately we can only take orders online. If this situation changes, we will let you know.

Which countries does the website ship to?

Currently we only ship from the website, to addresses on the UK mainland. If this situation changes, we’ll let you know. International customers should visit our page for further information on distribution abroad.

International FAQS

How can I buy your products in the USA?

If you are interested in having products delivered to your door in the USA, we’d suggest visiting the website

There is a minimum three-jar order for delivery of Mackays products, from this site.

Are your products available worldwide?

We ship to over 50 markets worldwide. If you’d like further information on Mackays in your country, please email with your enquiry.